Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learn Beekeeping

There is still room in the beekeeping class at Codman Farm that starts in early February,

Last year I took the beekeeping class at Codman. I now have two beehives that you may have noticed out in the cow pasture. The honey in the photo is from one of my hives.

I started out having a great fear of bees, and wasn't sure I could be calm enough to work with them. Slowly I'm getting more and more calm when I work with them and find working my hives to be very relaxing. Hives don't always produce enough honey for the beekeeper to take the first year, butI did take about 7lbs from one hive this year.

Bees not only provide the beekeeper with honey but are so important in the pollination of so many crops. Become a beekeeper!

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